Palesa Masiteng – My DMK Experience

Palesa Masiteng – My DMK Experience

Here’s what PALESA MASITENG, Model, Super Sport TV Presenter and DMK Brand Ambassador has to say about DMK: The DMK treatment has to be by far my most favorite skin care treatment. It is not just a facial treatment that restores your skin for a couple of weeks, DMK treatments have a lifetime effect on your skin and I see it everyday.


The first treatment was nerve-racking as I didn’t know what to expect. It was intense, the enzyme mask was nothing I’ve ever felt before. I swear at some point I could feel something moving around my face. Little did I know this would become the most relaxing part of the facial treatment.

The results are phenomenal, the oxygenation process of the enzyme mask has helped get rid of the dark circles under my eyes due to lack of sleep. With every bi-weekly treatment my skin was getting better and better.

How did I know?

The results are visible and I am wearing less makeup; if any everyday. This is the most liberating feeling to be confident enough to leave your home bare faced with no worries about uneven skin tone.

I love the fact that the enzyme treatment focus on the structural integrity of my skin. And with age being an affliction we all must experience, I am happy to know that the anti aging effect of the enzyme treatment will keep me looking younger for many more years to come.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that the treatment actually uses sand as a form of exfoliation treatment. Well, I know that sand is a great exfoliant.

The treatment was very gentle and soft; by removing the top layer of my skin, the product can deeply penetrate into the skin. This has to be one of my favorite treatments because it’s a great way to treat uneven skin tone.

After the treatment I experienced very little visible shedding of the skin and I loved how my skin looked more radiant and youthful.


The QUICK PEEL wasn’t so bad as it was explained, maybe its because I have a high pain threshold.

It smells like a fire ball sweet, and as hot as a fire ball in the mouth. I enjoyed the heat generated to my face and I’m told by my therapist that it increases blood circulation to the face and helps with oxygenation of the skin. This peel is great way to start removing the old skin, in order to reveal the new and healthy skin.


ACU THERM: I enjoy this product because of the overnight result you see on the target breakout. And the pimple literally disappears within 7 days.

ACU CRÈME: This product keeps my skin moisturized for 24 hours and I don’t experience an oily t-zone at any given time during the day.

HERBAL PIGMENT OIL: I had hyper pigmentation around my toes but with the every day uses of herbal pigment, literally watched my skin tone return to normal. I also use it on my elbows and knees.

EYE TONE: The eye Tone is great in maintaining the eye area, not only does it keep the dark circles in check, I’ve started noticing less fine lines around the eye area.


I love how my skin has moved from dull, tired and fatigued, to now looking even toned and youthful skin.

The product range has different products to tackle different skin requirements, which is empowering as it puts you in change and in control of your skin journey. This is important because my skin is more important than buying into quick fixes, I want progress and that’s what DMK delivers.

I love the fact that products also last long and you also have nutrient supplement to take care of the skin from the inside out. What I love the most about DMK products and treatment is that it works and the results are visible.


Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients are saying about us – a  few comments written by salon owners, clients and anyone who has used DMK. Anyone who has experienced great results from DMK becomes hooked – DMK becomes a way of life! For those who suffered from severe skin conditions and experienced remarkable change after using DMK, we can say with a thankful heart that we’ve lived up to our promise of Rebuilding Skin, Rebuilding Lives!


My client, Daphney, had extremely bad pigmentation on either side of her cheeks. As a therapist for over 15 years, I have worked with various different products. The previous products I had prescribed to Daphney would not even break her pigmentation apart. So I started her on a course of treatments, 2 x Prozyme, 4 x Bihaku , 2 x Hydradermaze and products (as homecare) and once a month maintenance of Bihaku. Her pigmentation not only broke but it is now almost completely vanished. I can most certainly say that I have never seen a product work the way DMK does

Farzana Hoosen

Owner & Aesthetician, FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, Durban, South Africa

After several years in the industry, it was the first time I came across a skin as damaged as this one particular client. He had ice pick marks on his entire cheek area and had pigmentation across his nose. I recommended 4 x Enzyme Treatments of which I’ve used Prozyme and thereafter I did a series of Alkaline Wash. He is now on a full DMK homecare regime and comes in every two weeks for Hydradermaze Treatments. I am so ecstatic with the results both personally as well as with the results the clients have seen!

Fatima Khan

Owner & Aesthetician, BEAUTY & BALANCE, Durban, South Africa

Anyone who mountain bikes knows that scars and injuries are all part of the learning process. I recently discovered a great scar treatment from DMK. DMK’s unique method of scar revision is highly effective at reducing scar tissue and smoothing uneven skin textures and tone.

Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

TV Presenter, Model, Cape Town, South Africa

I know that sleep is a factor to radiant skin but when sleep is limited, thank goodness for great skin care!!!! Thank you DMK!!!

Petra Laranjo Hourquebie

Speaker, Author, Johannesburg, South Africa

The results are phenomenal! the oxygenation process of the enzyme mask has helped get rid of the dark circles under my eyes due to lack of sleep. With every bi-weekly treatment my skin was getting better and better.

Palesa Masiteng

Model, TV Presenter, SUPER SPORT, Johannesburg, South Africa



Actress, Author, Speaker

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TV Presenter, Keynote Speaker


Actress, Producer

7De Laan, Semi-Soet, Table Manners


Actress, Presenter

7De Laan, Isidingo


Model, Super Sport Presenter


The Today Show – Beauty Secrets From Around The World

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THE TODAY SHOW – 16 November 2019: Dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman stops by Studio 1A to share beauty secrets she has discovered from her travels around the world. We’re proud to announce that the DMK ENZYME THERAPY Treatment in South Africa was mentioned on the show as being one of highlights of the trip.


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