DMK Immune-Boosting Products: ACU MIST

by | Apr 8, 2020 | News

This powerful hydrating skin mist originally designed for oily skin, killed 98% of bacteria in seconds and measured a 100% success rate in one hour. It contains a concentrated blend of botanicals that Danné developed called BOTANICHEM. He feels that ACU MIST is the perfect complement and support to use for everyone right now, as not many pathogens would be able to survive its potency. considering that COVID-19 is destroyed by common bleach or 60% ethanol. 

ACU MIST is recommended for everyone and can be used several times a day. This could be particularly beneficial for individuals who find it hard not to touch their faces. This mist can be used on hands and on any part of the body. In addition to BOTANICHEM, ACU MIST contains soothing, hydrating mineral and vitamin-rich aloe, detoxifying alginic acid from seaweed and the antioxidant powers of orange peel.


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