ACU MIST is designed to control acne by helping to maintain a balanced acid mantle, the skin’s natural protective barrier which helps to prevent flare-ups, inflammation and redness

ACU MIST™ – Your Skin’s Natural Moisturiser 

ACU MIST replaces the acne sufferer’s acid mantle and is also a protector of Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). The skin’s acid mantle is a natural barrier against bacteria and other contaminants.

A small percent of salicylic acid contained in this formula helps minimize dead cell build-up while the purified water laced with Tea Tree extract, castor oil, rosemary and thyme keeps the skin hydrated and acts as a shield against p. Acnes bacteria.

ACU MIST is sprayed onto the affected areas after cleansing. It is a crucial part of the whole KLEAR COLLECTION routine for controlling acne.

This spray is used to keep the skin hydrated and is used in combination with ACU MOIST. ACU MIST helps the moisturiser to be absorbed into the voids of the skin.

ACU MIST can be used several times a day OVER any DMK crèmes or lotions for continued hydration and to provide support to prevent p. Acnes bacteria.

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