The DMK concept is uniquely based on fifty years of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain. All treatments are designed to correspond with the body’s chemistry; the body reacts in a positive manner ONLY to the chemistry it recognizes.

Using a comprehensive 4-step program of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain, TOTAL SKIN REVISION is the banner of the DMK Concept.


The word “peel” is a popular word indication a removal of layer of layers of skin – rather like peeling an onion. The epidermis however is not like an onion at all. Viewed under a microscope, a section of the human epidermis can be seen a series of hills and valleys – new cells and old cells always shifting, always changing. To view the epidermis as a torte-like layer that can be ‘peeled’ off is scientifically incorrect.

The DMK method of removal is based on HYDROLYZATION. This means to change dead cell material (keratin) into a weak acid and flush it from the underlying structure of new, younger skin cells.

The HYDROLYZATION process also can remove impurities from the skin and other debris that can slow down or stop the proliferation of new skin cells to the surface. It is this feature that begins the “skin tightening” process of DMK treatments.

All cuticle kurass (Dead Skin Cell Build-Up) leading to the appearance of dry skin, fine lines and skin discoloration, is progressively removed by an exclusive series of enzyme treatments.

This process is unequalled Internationally and considered twenty years ahead of its time by leading experts in the field of Enzymology such as Doctor Humbart Santillo, author of FOOD ENZYMES, The Missing Link to Radiant Health – a best-selling guide to how enzymes work in the body.

The DMK enzyme treatments tighten the tone of the skin and assist the fragile underlying neck and facial muscles to strengthen and firm progressively. Other parts of the body such as breasts, buttocks and the backs of the hands are effectively tightened as well with consistent treatment.

Deeper, more dramatic removal and toning is achieved by the Globally Renowned DMK PRO ALPHA series, the first in Europe and Asia to make use of an exclusive blend of plant and fruit sugar acids.

Pro Alpha is not a “Quick Fix” peel, but rather a system of highly professional applied treatments that quickly remove dead skin cells and instigate rapid collagen development in the skin.

One to six pro alpha treatments are medically considered to have a similar effect to laser treatments or deep medical peels without the risk of trauma, long convalescence of possible contraindications sometimes associated with these procedures. In addition, there is no loss of melanin (skin color) or sharp lines of demarcation around the face with the Pro Alpha treatments.

There are other hydrolyzation formulas that may be applied to your skin from time to time, along with your DMK enzyme treatments. This may depend upon racial, environmental or other skin characteristics.

We must strongly point out that REMOVE is only step one in a successful total skin revision system. REBUILD is where the real results lay!


DMK is the first skin treatment concept to understand the importance of offering the cells of the skin the chemistry they recognize – which enables living cells to stay alive as long as possible.

The DMK system has three-enzyme formulas for the face and a separate one for the body. The enzymes in each of these sophisticated formulas’s act as hormone-like messengers, stimulating optimal skin functioning by:

  • Increasing oxygenation for tissue regeneration and repair
  • Increasing cellular activity, improving skin functioning
  • Opening the vascular system for superior skin nourishment
  • Encouraging the formation of new collagen and elastin for tighter, firmer skin
  • Removing toxins, debris and gases from skin cells leaving a cleaner, clearer complexion
  • Improving lymphatic drainage to eliminate waste build up
  • Releasing anti-oxidants to fight and combat free radical damage that causes premature aging
  • Optimal skin functioning is the key to rebuilding youthful healthy skin!

The DMK Trans-epidermal crèmes are water soluble and store deep in the voids of the skin for hours offering all of the vitamin, minerals, proteins and other essential amino acids required to keep skin cells healthy at their maximum level.

No other crèmes “tighten” the appearance of the skin like the DMK formulas. Imitating Nature for Natural Results is the DMK motto. And though often imitated many times in the last few years, no other skin care range has quite matched the rejuvenating effects of the DMK rebuilding system.

We have become aware that there are many skin crèmes and lotions offering similar ingredients, but the “delivery” system into the voids of the skin is the real key to influencing living skin cells. DMK botanic formula’s work with the skin rather than merely on it.
In this, the DMK CONCEPT excels!

The acid mantle is nature’s only true, natural moisturizer. The acid mantle is a blend of sudoriferous fluids (secretions from the sweat glands) and sebaceous secretion (oil from the sebaceous glands).

The DMK METHOD instantly restores this precious acid mantle with two carefully formulated products that “mock” these secretions with natural, fractionated oils and herbal water that penetrates softly into the epidermis, providing immediate natural skin tone and moisturize all day long.


In an environment that is becoming increasingly polluted with free radical promoting chemicals, sun radiation and fluorocarbons, the DMK CONCEPT is unparalleled in providing protection with powerful, super antioxidants known as proanthacyanides, also trade named pycnogenols.

These powerful protectors from the absorbable Vitamin C family, grape seed extracts, peanuts, mushrooms and other botanical have been a main key to the DMK cell protection system for nearly thirty years – although these ingredients are recently becoming common in skin care products.

DANNE MONTAGUE-KING is the “Linus Pauling” of skin care, recognizing the powers of Vitamin-C back in the 1960’s as one of the most important collagen enhancing, anti-oxidants in the development of healthy skin.

His many lectures and articles printed around the world have illuminated the minds of professional therapists everywhere and have lead to great changes in the way that aestheticians look at the treatment of the skin and body.

The DMK Sunblock is one of our proudest offerings to the public and skin professionals. Non-oily and transdermal, the DMK Sunblock offers sun radiation protection for several hours, depending on your tolerance to sun, without feeling greasy or heavy.
The DMK Sun Block is designed to be worn over any of the other DMK crèmes of products or under heavy make-up, without interfering with the benefits and nutrients of any DMK products your Para Medical Dermal technician may prescribe.

Protection Against Ageing

Excess glucose, or sugars in the skin can act similar to excess glucose can surround a healthy skin cell and attack the protein bonds that build a skin cell with sticky, crystallized organisms, causing the protein bonds to break down and push the cell into trauma.

This action leads to “cross linkage” or severe, deep wrinkles usually seen in the cheeks, forehead or around the mouth of mature men and women. This action can be prevented if caught early, and slowed down if the symptoms are already present.

The DMK CONCEPT offers a new breakthrough called “AMINODINE” spray. In Europe, the DMK therapists call this spray “The Gold Water” because its powers are observed almost overnight, particularly on persons who are smokers or who work in a smoker’s environment. AMINODINE SPRAY is recommended for nighttime use applied under the DMK Nite Firming Crème, our flagship “Super Antioxidant” crème. This provides you with a double power packed home treatment to help offset the ravages of glycosylation.


The DMK CONCEPT is based on professional treatments, but optimal results can only be achieved when combined with home maintenance. Professional treatments are progressive and can be significantly enhanced or alternatively negated by the client’s home skin care regimen between treatments.

Therefore, there is a full range of home prescriptives in the DANNE MONTAGUE-KING range. We call them home prescriptives because we do not encourage the therapist to try to sell any product. Instead, the therapist is taught to prescribe the appropriate products based on the treatments being performed and the client’s current skin condition.


Dr. King’s formulations and blends merely try to match the body’s chemistry as closely as possible in order to provide an ideal environment for healthy skin. All DMK ingredients are of pharmaceutical grade and contain only pure botanical plant based ingredients.

Plant ingredients have a similar chemical make to that of our own cells. That is our cells respond positively to things they recognize therefore DMK tries to replicate the body’s chemistry as closely as possible in order to get a positive response hence one of his methods is imitating nature for natural results.

DMK formulations do not contain any waxes, fats, carbo waxes, mineral oils, lanolin or synthetics. There are no skin shockers, puffers or irritants that cause temporary erythema, and most importantly, these formulations are not tested on animals. They are formulations that work with, rather than acting on, the skin.

All DMK crèmes and serums have a Transdermal Delivery System to target specific areas in the skin cells providing a healthier environment, keeping living cells at optimal levels for longer life.

Written By Danné Montague-King