R.R.P.M – The Secret to Lasting Results

by | Mar 17, 2023 | News

DMK offers a unique concept based on four principles: Remove, Rebuild, Protect, and Maintain. Our approach aims to address the root cause of skin concerns rather than only treating the symptoms. To achieve optimal and long-lasting results for your clients, it’s vital to follow each step of the DMK Concept and use the recommended products. Incorporating this into your skincare service offering can help you deliver unparalleled results and foster lasting client satisfaction and relationships, ultimately leading to positive business growth for you and your practice.

The DMK Concept

The comprehensive four-step programme was designed by our experts to promote total skin revision. This was conceptualised over 50 years ago and to this day remains tried and tested. Without any deviation, the method produces visible results with every treatment session. Here’s a brief breakdown of the DMK concept:

Remove: Clear the way for radiant skin with DMK’s Dead Skin Cell and Toxin Removal

Rebuild: Rejuvenate and Revitalize with DMK’s collagen-boosting and cell-renewing treatments

Protect: Shield your skin from environmental damage with DMK’s protective products by building the immunity of your skin and strengthening your skin barrier

Maintain: Sustain your skin’s glow with DMK’s maintenance products and support overall health.

This system is based on pure science. Through extensive research we have discovered that there is one factor that guarantees the success of any DMK product or treatment range; the products prescribed to the client must follow our identified fundamental categories in their specific order.

The Power of Following Four Simple Steps

It is crucial to follow all four steps of DMK Concept for the long-term benefits to help your clients achieve and maintain radiant and healthy skin. By doing so, you can provide your clientele with genuine skin rejuvenation. This approach can help you deliver exceptional results and strengthen your reputation as a skincare professional.

If you are not a DMK certified professional and would like to become one, or have your clinic accredited, visit https://www.dmkskincare.co.za/become-an-accredited-dmk-clinic/


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