SOLAR DAMAGE GEL restores skin that has been punished by age, harmful ultra violet rays, climatic conditions and any external aggravation. SOLAR DAMAGE GEL brings hydration and vitality back, creating a firmer plumper more replenished skin. It also strengthens the skins structure, resulting in a smoother more supple skin that retains moisture better.

SOLAR DAMAGE GEL™ – The Perfect Solution For Sun-Damaged Skin

This gel formulation provides the skin with a diet of skin supporting nutrients. It is a specialized gel moisturizer formulated to revise deficiencies in the skin’s essential elements.

SOLAR DAMAGE GEL enhances the natural water barrier and defenses of the skin soothing skin inflammation and redness. It restores the interstitial fluid of the epidermis bringing hydration and vitality back, creating a firmer plumper more replenished skin. SOLAR DAMAGE GEL has specific barrier protection effects, helping to protect and adds rich Aloe and Vitamin E which aids collagen rejuvenation

SOLAR DAMAGE GEL stimulates cell renewal, regenerates and enhances skin functions and increases your skins density. It restores and maintains turgidity in the cellular spaces and supports the collagen and elastin fibers in balance enhancing the ability of the collagen fibers to retain moisture.

A Powerful Formula For the Treatment Of the Following Conditions:

  • Premature aging, sun damaged and environmental damaged skins
  • Weakened skin, dehydrated with poor bounce and turgidity
  • After IPL, Laser or any heat and erythema
  • Dry, stressed, strained, taut skin
  • Sensitive, inflamed, aggravated skin conditions
  • Acne, rosacea, scarring, stretch marks

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