ENZYME THERAPY The Foundation Of Healthy Skin

At the core of DMK’s remarkable concept is their signature treatment, ENZYME THERAPY that aims to restore the skin’s own natural enzymatic activity and homeostasis within the skin cells themselves



DMK’s advanced methods of skin revision and scientifically formulated skin care products are a must for any discerning man concerned about maintaining a good appearance. With DMK skin therapy, the opportunity for youthful, healthy skin has never been better!


DMK – The ONE Solution 

The DMK concepts and systems of skin revision have won Dr. King international recognition and endorsement by the medical profession. DMK has been used in over 32 different countries around the globe for more than 50 years by plastic surgeons and skin specialists. DMK truly delivers amazing, life-changing results. DMK offers solutions for most common male skin concerns

Common Skin Problems Experienced By Men:

  • Blackheads, Acne
  • Enlarged or Open Pores
  • Rough or Thick, Congested Skin
  • Scars and Bruising
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin, Flaking Skin
  • Razor Bumps
  • Ingrown Hairs
  • Corns, Calloused Feet
  • Excessive Body Hair
  • Dark Circles Around the Eyes, Puffy Eyes
  • Wrinkles, Lines, Sagging Skin As a Result of Ageing
  • Sun-Damaged Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Uneven Skin Tone
  • Rosacea, Psoriasis, Spider Veins


ENZYME THERAPY will stimulate and improve the skin’s functioning restoring vital nutrients rebuilding a stronger healthier firmer looking tissue. This treatment stimulates cellular enzyme functions assisting growth metabolism enabling regeneration of skin tissue to take place. The enzyme treatment breaks down cell build up, naturally flushing toxins and debris from the skin.

BODY ENZYME THERAPY This is an enzyme therapy treatment designed for the whole body. It will firm, tone and tighten the skin leaving a smooth, contoured look. It will also revise skin conditions such as stretch mark, acne, pigmentation, ingrown hairs, dry skin, fluid retention, cellulite and more…

PROZYME This will effectively refine the skins texture by removing dead cell build up that can accumulate on the surface of the skin. This build up can cause the skin to discolor, appear dull, feel rough in texture and create or accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. PROZYME will reduce the appearance of open pores, eliminate blackheads, excess sebum and reduces pimple eruptions.

MEDI PEDI Men tend to shy away from the word pedicure as they feel it is a treatment for women. The DMK MEDI PEDI is not a standard pedicure; rather, it is a paramedical foot treatment that men will love. MEDI PEDI foot treatment dissolves even the most stubborn heavy calloused feet, leaving feet soft and smooth. This treatment really is like a miracle for the feet.

MUSCLE BANDING This treatment is designed for the younger person wanting to prevent the onset of ageing. It is deal for those who are in the 30 to 40 age group, just starting to show signs of ageing. MUSCLE BANDING acts directly on the facial muscles and deep structure of the skin tissue. It is the perfect treatment to firm, brighten and tighten the skin.

FOLLICUZYME / HAIR REMOVAL If you suffer from ingrown hairs, razor bumps or unwanted body hair, this is the ideal treatment to resolve these problems. This highly effective treatment can be used to treat any sized surface area on most parts of the body – not just the face.

EYE FUSION Dark circles, puffiness, bags under the eyes or sagging skin? This is the perfect treatment to brighten your appearance and get rid of that tired, withered look. This treatment will lift and tighten sagging skin around the fragile eye area while smoothing out lines or wrinkles. Unique, specialized formulas are used to deeply penetrate the skin to resolve issues of dark circles or pigmentation.




HYDRA LOUFFA is a superb, refreshing combination body cleanser and exfoliant. It can be used as a daily body wash in the shower or bath and is also suitable for use as a shampoo to reduce dandruff.

HYDRA LOUFFA helps to control acne breakouts on the chest and back or anywhere on the body. It is also works to prevent ingrown hairs. HYDRA LOUFFA contains no harsh ingredients and can be used by all skin types, both male and female.


Looking for shaving foam that will eradicate irritation? Now you can cleanse while you shave. Rashes or red spots from shaving are usually the results of harsh chemical shaving foams, friction against the skin, or in-grown hairs from shaving too close.

Using DEEP PORE PURE cleanser as an exfoliant before, during or after shaving has been clinically proven to reduce the instance of shaving rash. DEEP PORE PURE also contains herbal properties that help to tighten and refine the pores after debris has been removed, leaving the skin with an anti-microbial protection from bacteria and impurities.


Any sun block lotion should protect the skin and not clog it. Protect your skin with DMK’s SUNSCREEN, a light and non-greasy sunblock. This unique transdermal formula is excellent for acne prone or oily skin. DMK SUNSCREEN is not heavy, thick or greasy and can be used in combination with other DMK products to provide protection. It is suitable for everyday use.

DMK SUNSCREEN disappears into the skin and has no smell. It lasts for several hours and can be reapplied after swimming. This is no ordinary sunblock. Unlike other sunblocks that merely lie on the surface of the skin, this formula is transdermal. It was designed to store in the voids of the skin to provide protection at a much deeper level.


EYE TONE was designed to resolve dark circles around the eyes, fine lines and puffy, sapless bags under the eyes. It’s unique formula with collagen enhancing properties works by strengthening the underlying skin tissue and restoring lost functioning in the skin

This is no ordinary eye treatment formula. EYE TONE is an excellent alternative to BOTOX that is less costly but equally effective. It will work to lift, firm, tighten and tone any area of the face and neck – not just the eyes.


This is a great after-shave gel for men who suffer from rashes or breakouts. BETA GEL solution reduces swelling, redness and inflammation almost immediately by boosting the skin’s immune defenses, allowing healthier skin cells to fight back.

BETA GEL was designed to speed up the healing process in the skin. It is also excellent for treating psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. BETA GEL is packed with a blend of vitamins and potent betaglucan to nourish your skin. This powerful serum is even more effective when used in combination with DMK DIRECT DELIVERY VITAMIN C SERUM


Nourish your skin without clogging your pores. ACU CREME is a fantastic crème for men to use daily to control congestion and redness caused by shaving. ACU CREME also prevents ingrown hairs, a common problem faced by men.

ACU CREME works by exfoliating dead skin cells and controls the secretion of excess oil. It keeps the skin supple, preventing it from drying out without excessive oiliness. It’s exfoliating action is excellent for ingrown hairs on the face and neck.

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