A Fractionated Oil That Replicates Your Skin’s Own Natural Oil And Restores The Protective Barrier Of Your Skin

DMK SEBA E Hydrating Oil is unlike any other skin care product of its kind. It is designed to re-establish the acid mantle, the protective barrier of the skin keeping it moisturized and protected from the environment.
It works by replicating the natural way your skin secretes oil onto the surface of the skin to form a protective barrier together with the water secreted.

SEBA-E and DMK HERB AND MINERAL Mists’ chemistry’s is as close as possible to the secretions of our skin, with the intent to hold water and necessary nutrients for cell life within the skin for extended periods of time. When combined, these two products replace the skin’s natural acid mantle that is stripped away during professional treatments or daily cleansing.

Due to the vast amounts of little openings in our skin, anything heavier than our own sebaceous oil (sebum) and sudoriferous secretion (sweat) would be too heavy and would clog and plug our pores. SEBA-E is DMK’s version of sebum in a bottle

SEBA E – A Deep Penetrating Natural Moisturizer and Barrier Protection For Your Skin

SEBA E Is Used For:

  • Lipid dry skin or dehydrated skin
  • Inflamed skin conditions
  • Moisturizing and surface protection
  • Anti-ageing when combined with AMINODINE SPRITZ
  • Tissue strengthening and enhancing cell repair
  • Reduces puffiness and soothes tired skin
  • Assists in psoriasis, eczema and acne

The Benefits Of SEBA E

Prevents Damage To Protective Barrier – Accelerates the production of ceramides in the skin to improve the recovery of a damaged lipid barrier, while preventing cells from hardening

All Natural – SEBA E mimic’s the natural chemistry found in the skin which it readily accepts as its own, emulating the functions of your own oil secretions

Vitamin Enriched – contains a rich supply of vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin such as calcium, B complex. Folic acid, potassium and zinc as well 8 essential amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidants. Also contains a substantial amount of Vitamins A, D, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6 and F

Contains Powerful Antioxidants – protects cells from oxidation and premature cell death

Cell Repair – Contains phospholipids and natural proteins needed by all living cells to repair cell membranes and prevent further deterioration of the cell

NMF Natural Moisturizing Factor – acts as a supreme skin tissue strengthener and improves blood circulation

Seals In Moisture – helps to retain moisture in the skin for up to several hours

High Vitamin E Content – for skin repair, cell rebuilding and the prevention of cell degradation

Essential for Addressing Stubborn Skin Conditions – SEBA E is the key to a good complexion and also helps to alleviate psoriasis, eczema and acne

How SEBA E Works To Provide Barrier Protection

SEBA-E is a blend of botanical oils and tocopherols – fractionated (can bind to water) to blend with DMK HERB AND MINERAL MIST. This is to hold the nutrient rich water from the herbal formulas in the skin for hours, reviving the acid mantle nature gave us when we were born.

SEBA E emulates the skin’s own chemistry of the lipids and natural moisturizing factors. The combination of SEBA E and HERB & MINERAL MIST emulate the secretions of oil and water secreted onto the surface of the skin. Together, these make up the Acid Mantle.

Surface flaking, redness and reactive skin manifest when the skin’s natural lipids and NMF’s (Natural Moisturizing Factors) are reduced.

SEBA E replaces the acid mantle and as a result, the skin’s barrier function is restored and TEWL (Transepidermal Water-Loss), the cause of reactive skin conditions is prevented.

Product Application and Use

SEBA E is formulated for lipid dry skins and skins suffering from TEWL (Transepidermal Water-Loss) or where the sebaceous mechanism has been inhibited due to impaired barrier function.

SEBA E can be used on dry, dehydrated and inflamed skin conditions. SEBA E is not recommended for use on skins that have excess sebum production such as acne sufferers. It should be used with discretion in hot tropical climates as most people living in these conditions will have adequate sebaceous flow.

Excellent for skins that are prone to eczema and dermatitis


SEBA E is applied after cleansing and serums. Apply 2 – 4 drops of SEBA E, spray with HERB & MINERAL MIST lightly working into the skin, under the eye and neck area

Start with small amounts of SEBA E as it is concentrated. Too much will make the skin look oily and too little will seem dry. You will soon find your optimal level.

Professional In-Clinic Use – Apply at the finish of professional treatments to restore the acid mantle and seal moisture into the skin

Product Combinations

SEBA E is used in combination with HERB AND MINERAL MIST which together emulates the acid mantle of your skin. SEBA E can also be used in conjunction with AMINODINE SPRITZ for added anti-ageing benefits


None – SEBA E is safe for use on all skin types

General Product Information

Key Ingredients Found In SEBA E Hydrating Oil: SEBA E Contains A Blend Of Natural, Oils

Number of Applications: 90

Product Usage: 1.5 to 3 months (approximately 1 month if used twice a day, morning and night or up to 3 months if used once a day)

Size: Retail Size 30ml (1 fl oz)

Stock Code: Retail – SEB-10-E41315R