DMK’s signature skin revision formulation. REVITOSIN contains a blend of Vitamin A derivatives aimed to regulate cellular turnover and encourage healthy skin. It is recommended for those who suffer from premature aging, acne, pigmentation, scarring and clients undergoing a professional skin revision program.

REVITOSIN™ – Helping To Regulate Your Skin’s Natural Rhythm

REVITOSIN is excellent on acne, sun damage, fine lines, premature ageing, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring – anywhere where resurfacing needs to take place

REVITOSIN is designed to strengthen the skin and regulate the natural rhythm of cell proliferation as well as extending the life of the cell. It is used as a nightly treatment for anyone undergoing skin revision treatments

REVITOSIN is a Vitamin A derivative working as an exfoliation formula in a botanical base. It penetrates skin quickly to dissolve the dry, dead epithelium, while nourishing the skin with the powerful, natural healing properties of Vitamin A. Based on this fact, REVITOSIN actually performs the REMOVE and REBUILD phase at the same time

Visit the DMK CONCEPT page on this website to learn more about the REMOVE and REBUILD stages of DMK’s unique skin revision method.

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