MAXIMUM MOISTURE is a body lotion for dry and hydrated skin. MAXIMUM MOISTURE delivers rich nourishment and hydration deep down into the skin tissue. It is excellent for bringing fast relief for itchy, dry or scaly skin

MAXIMUM MOISTURE™ – Fast, Effective Relief For Dry Skin

MAXIMUM MOISTURE is a transdermal skin crème that literally nourishes the skin throughout the day. Its incredibly powerful delivery is excellent for itchy, dry, scaly skin or skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and other forms of dry skin conditions.

As a deep-penetrating body moisturizer, MAXIMUM MOISTURE body lotion contains a blend of ingredients that will not clog pores or leave a greasy film on the skin. Derived from the pulp of an avocado, this product is excellent for dry, cracked hands or extending tans after sun exposure.

When used in conjunction with DMK HYDRA LOUFFA, it is an effective therapeutic body treatment for very dry skin.

It is massaged into the skin whilst damp but can also be used as a massage medium by adding water.

MAXIMUM MOISTURE is designed for in-clinic or at home use


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