DMK Immune-Boosting Products: MILKY CLEAN & PURE

by | Apr 8, 2020 | News

With the extra need for diligence and protection to safeguard our health currently, we have seen a massive increase in hand-washing and the use of barrier disrupting cleansing and antimicrobial products. The over-use of these alcohol-based sanitizers and harsh surfactants can eventually lead to dry hands that create the perfect entryway for the viruses and pathogens we are trying to avoid. 

MILKY CLEAN & PURE is a perfect cleanser to use that will help to repair and nourish your hands without stripping the skin of its natural barrier protection and defense system. Viruses are also vulnerable to lipid, so the lipid base of this creamy cleanser is the perfect way to enhance the elimination of these viruses and other bacteria while washing our hands. This formula also contains soothing botanicals to help repair and nourish, a mild yet effective surfactant to cleanse and remove dirt and debris and a powerful antimicrobial preservative blend of botanicals that can also boost and protect your skin from the COVID-19 virus.


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