DMK Immune-Boosting Products: BETA GEL

by | Apr 8, 2020 | News

Danné formulated BETAGEN Cream years ago using powerful Beta Glucan from Norway. This was used in the fishing industry and throughout the military. The BETA GEL Serum came later for acne skins and as a booster under BETAGEN Cream. Together they are a powerful immune-boosting combo for the skin.

BETA GEL has immune cells supporting Beta Glucan as a critical ingredient but also has the antioxidant powers of Vitamin C, E and Turmeric. Safflower Oil in BETA GEL is rich in Vitamin A and contains essential fatty acids for membrane health and moisture retention capability. Peptides in BETA GEL will also help strengthen and support collagen production, reduce inflammation and replenish the skin’s matrix.

BETA GEL Serum should be in everyone’s arsenal to support the skin’s defense mechanisms and enhance immunity and can be used under any other DMK Home Prescriptive Nourishing Cream.


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