HYDROLOC is an intense rehydration formula for the skin. It is excellent for pregnant women where it is massaged well into the abdominal (mornings and evenings) area before and after child birth. HYDROLOC locks moisture into dry, flaking skin. Natural sealants allow moisture to penetrate deeply into the skin.

HYDROLOC™ – Intense Hydration Formula

HYDROLOC is a rich creme designed to hydrate and lock moisture into extremely dry, and scaly skin. HYDROLOC crème is a powerful lubricant whose natural sealants grab moisture and penetrate deep into the tissues increasing the skin’s moisture.

HYDROLOC is an excellent barrier repair crème for supreme hydration protecting the skin from transepidermal water loss (TEWL) – excellent for those who work outdoors and require extra protection and hydration.

It can be used morning and evening. It can also be used as a massage crème by adding water to maintain lubrication.

HYDROLOC is rich in Vitamins A and D and fractionated botanical oils. Its ability to seal in moisture helps to velvetize the skin and keep it healthy and glowing. It has the ability to hold ten times its weight in water.

HYDROLOC is a heavier textured crème suitable for clients that enjoy the feeling of an occlusive crème. 

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