ENZYME THERAPY The Foundation Of Healthy Skin

At the core of DMK’s remarkable concept is their signature treatment, ENZYME THERAPY that aims to restore the skin’s own natural enzymatic activity and homeostasis within the skin cells themselves



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How many treatments will I need?

DMK treatments are progressive and some some skin conditions may require multiple treatments. Treatments are conducted on a weekly basis or every second week over a 6, 8 or 12 week program depending on the skin condition and the client’s goals.

For keeping your skin healthy and in peak condition or for mild skin concerns, two consecutive treatments are recommended followed by a home maintenance program.

How soon do I see results?

Results are dependent on the skin condition, the number of treatments given and the client’s commitment to a regular home maintenance program.

For some skin concerns, very good results can be seen after just one treatment such as in the case of a MEDI PEDI or INSTANT LIFT Treatment. For some cases of deep pitted acne scarring, treatments may take from six weeks to as long as eight months to see significant results. However, there will always be a visible improvement.

Who uses DMK?

DMK is distributed to over 7000 clinics in 32 countries around the world. DMK products are used by doctors, cosmetic surgeons, aestheticians and others in the medical profession.

DMK works closely with many surgeons and physicians preparing clients for cosmetic surgery. DMK pre and post operative skin revision system is widely endorsed by the medical profession.

As a result of DMK’s ability to achieve remarkable results, DMK has achieved a high level of client satisfaction. Visit our DMK Client Testimonials page to learn what people are saying about our products and treatments

Many well-known celebrities, famous personalities and Hollywood stars are known to have received DMK treatments and used DMK products.

Where do I go for treatments?

Authorised DMK Clinics can be found in all the major provinces and cities throughout Southern Africa. To find a DMK clinic near you, please visit our Clinic Finder. For International visitors, please visit www.dannemking.com 

What does "Paramedical" mean?

Paramedical is a system that is adjunctive to the practice of medicine in maintaining and restoring health. Over the years medical and aesthetic professions have drawn closer together sharing a common purpose in dealing with skin dysfunction.

Many ordinary cosmetic products only work topically on the skin and are usually not capable of penetrating deeply into the skin tissue. Cosmetic treatments and products work only on the surface of the skin while paramedical treatments and products are designed to penetrate skin tissue at a deeper level to address problem areas at cellular level.

The DMK system works on the structure and functioning of the skin. DMK paramedical treatments are designed to restore the natural functioning of the skin. DMK treatments stimulate the skin in a way that allows the skin’s own natural systems and processes to return to normal. In short, the DMK system is designed to emulate the way your own skin works naturally.

DMK paramedical products are formulated using chemistry that the skin recognizes as its own. Active ingredients used in DMK paramedical products are of a much more potent strength that enables the key ingredient to do its work and achieve effective results. Many cosmetic products do not contain enough of an active ingredient to see any significant results.



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