DMK FINE LINE is a rich nourishing crème designed to target the eyes, neck, top lip and areas of fine lines, and wrinkles. Revises and strengthens skin with a rich blend of skin identical lipids that provide the skin with amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and natural moisturizing factors. Helps to revise fine lines and stubborn crepe-like areas of the face and neck.

FINE LINE™ – The Essential Eye, Neck, and Lip crème

FINE LINE crème is an exceptionally effective eye, neck, and lip crème designed for anyone with thin, dry, wrinkled skin or lines in these key areas.

FINE LINE crème can be applied directly around the eyes, neck, and mouth (nasal labial folds)

It helps to diminish and protect current and future lines in these areas. Dramatic results can be seen after the first application on clients possessing thin, dry, wrinkled skin or lines.

FINE LINE crème is formulated with a rich blend of herbal lipids and other ingredients that help to keep the skin firm and plump while smoothing out wrinkles and lines. FINE LINE crème also nourishes the skin to give it the nutrients it needs for healthy functioning.

FINE LINE crème can be used for extremely dry skin where moisture levels are very low and also as a facial massage crème. It is excellent for use after a skin revision treatment to replenish moisture levels in the skin.

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