A natural exfoliating formula from the sea that helps remove dead, dry skin cells. EXODERMA PEEL provides a quick pick-up and skin tightening treatment suitable for mature, sensitive skins. Combine with FOAMY LIFT t enzyme masque for a deeper exfoliating treatment.

EXODERMA PEEL™ – The Natural Lift-Off For Your Skin

EXODERMA PEEL is a multi-purpose liquid gel that works as a gentle exfoliating formula to help exfoliate dead, dry skin cells.

This is a home treatment masque designed to remove redundant cell build up from the surface of the skin and keep the skin functioning effectively in between professional treatments. It is a preparation that is to be used once weekly, either as a home maintenance treatment or to assist the ongoing results while the skin is being revised.

EXODERMA PEEL provides a quick exfoliating and skin lightening treatment. It is suitable for most skin types.

EXODERMA PEEL is twice as effective when used with FOAMY LIFT to create an all at home, enzyme masque.

On its own is it is a fast, mini-masque acting as a dry skin “lift off” which reaches into the pores and helps remove dead, dry skin. EXODERMA PEEL is more of a mechanical dead cell removal gel than a chemical action. It has a neutral pH

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