EPITOXYL is a deep cleansing liquid, designed to remove toxins and free radicals causing pollutants from the skin. It works as a 3 minute skin detoxifier for unhealthy skin drawing impurities from deep within the skin tissue while helping to clear and brighten the skin’s appearance

EPITOXYL™ – Deep Cleansing, Purifying Skin Detox 

EPITOXYL is designed for all skin types, especially people living in a polluted environment or persons who smoke, drink or take a lot of medications. It is highly recommended for people living in densely populated cities. Users may notice a strong odor which indicates a high level of impurities being drawn from the skin.

EPITOXYL acts as a liquid magnet for impurities and toxins in the skin by drawing them to the surface where they evaporate. It works by turning the toxins into a gas which then evaporates from the skin’s surface. This action is what creates the unpleasant odor in highly toxic skin.

EPITOXYL is a rich source of minerals such as potassium that helps to prevent infection and stop bleeding from skin eruptions

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