DMK DEEP PORE PURE Facial Cleanser is a deep cleansing, daily face wash designed for normal, oily, acne and congested skins. It can be used by anyone and is well-suited for ethnic and darker skin tones

DEEP PORE PURE – More Than Just A Face Wash!

DMK DEEP PORE PURE Deep Cleans, Detoxifies, Brightens and Protects Your Skin

DMK DEEP PORE PURE is designed for daily use to loosen dead cell build-up on the surface of the skin and debris deeply embedded within the pores. It deep cleanses and unblocks clogged pores allowing proper regulation of the skin’s natural secretions that help prevent acne, inflammation and flare-ups


  • Dissolves trapped dirt and expels toxins
  • Has a calming, soothing and hydrating effect on the skin
  • Brightens skin tissue
  • Protects your skin by preventing the spread of bacteria 
  • Refines enlarged pores
  • Regulates oil flow and reduces facial oiliness
  • Can be used as a make-up remover
  • Can be used by men as a shaving foam
  • Prevents folliculitis, ingrown hairs and beard rash
  • Can be used on normal and oily skin types
  • Excellent for acne skin, black heads and white heads 
  • Suitable for all skin types, both male and female
  • Excellent for darker skin tones







The Benefits Of DEEP PORE PURE

Gel Formula – Leaves no unwanted residue and won’t clog up pores like ordinary soap which helps prevent the formation of comedones and milia

Acts As An Astringent – DEEP PORE PURE’s astringent action helps to tighten pores and shrink pore size reducing the appearance of enlarged or open pores

Hydrolyzing Action – DEEP PORE PURE acts as surfactant that dissolves and breaks down surface dirt. Its hydrolyzing action on debris makes it highly effective as a make-up remover reducing the risk of rash or reactions caused by some cosmetics

Foaming Action – DEEP PORE PURE lathers easily and can be used by males for shaving. Dead cell material that has accumulated around the hair follicle is effectively dissolved which helps to prevent razor bumps, beard rash and ingrown hairs

Hydrating, Soothing and Calming – Key ingredients in DEEP PORE PURE help to soothe and calm inflamed, reactive skin. Their water hydrating properties help to seal in moisture that keeps the skin tight and rejuvenated, moist and supple while preventing TEWL (Transepidermal Water-Loss) which is a major cause of skin reactions, flare-ups and dryness

pH Balanced Formula – Keeps the skin’s natural pH balanced and won’t strip it of its natural protective barrier meaning less risk of skin irritations or reactions

Antiseptic & Antimicrobial Properties – help to fight off infection keeping the skin clean, healthy and free of bacteria while controlling and preventing the spread of bacteria that can cause acne and infection

Regulates Oil Flow – Breaks down excess sebum (oil) that reduces facial oiliness and prevents the pores from becoming clogged up that can cause acne and breakouts

Natural Botanical Ingredients – Ingredients contained in DEEP PORE PURE match the chemistry of the skin enabling them to be more readily accepted by the skin which helps the product to work in harmony with the skin allowing for faster healing

How DEEP PORE PURE’s Deep Cleansing Action Works

DEEP PORE PURE works as a gentle, non-stripping foaming gel cleanser that deep cleanses while providing protection against bacteria.

The primary cause of blocked pores that often results in acne is an accumulation of dead cell material on the surface of the skin. Dead cell build-up on the surface blocks the pathway for new developing cells and interferes with the skin’s natural cell turnover as a result.

The hydrolyzing action of DEEP PORE PURE breaks down dead cell build up on the surface of the skin and clears out debris embedded deep within the pores of the skin. In this way, DEEP PORE PURE assists in restoring healthy cell turnover.

DEEP PORE PURE contains Vitamin B5 which helps to re balance the production of oil to reduce excess facial oiliness and assists in breaking down excess sebum preventing the pores from becoming clogged up.

DEEP PORE PURE‘s natural botanical astringent properties act to tighten and shrink  the skin pores, reducing the appearance of enlarged, open pores.

Key ingredients found in DEEP PORE PURE help to expel harmful toxins and control the spread of acne-causing bacteria. Other ingredients serve to brighten the skin tissue.

DEEP PORE PURE keeps the surface of the skin properly balanced at the correct pH level to maintain the natural protective barrier of the skin. This helps prevent irritations, rashes and redness of the skin

Product Application and Use

DEEP PORE PURE can be used by anyone, both male and female and is suitable for any skin type regardless of ethnicity. It is especially suitable for darker complexions who might suffer from oiliness. DEEP PORE PURE is recommended for normal, oily or combination skin as well as acne or congested skins.


Use as a daily cleanser twice a day, morning and night

Mix a pea sized amount with water in your hand or in a small bowl with your DMK Fan Brush.

Massage in with dampened fingertips avoiding direct eye contact.

Rinse thoroughly with water.

Product Combinations

DEEP PORE PURE can  be safely used in conjunction with all other DMK products as part of a prescribed, home maintenance program


None – DEEP PORE PURE is safe for use by anyone including pregnant women.

General Product Information

Key Ingredients Found In DEEP PORE PURE: DEEP PORE PURE contains a careful balance of high quality, natural botanical astringents and antiseptics that act to detoxify, brighten and protect the skin.

Number of Applications: 180

Product Usage: 1.5 to 3 months (1.5 months if used twice a day, morning and night or up to 3 months if used once a day)

Size: Retail Size 180ml (6 fl oz)

Stock Code: Retail – DEE-10-E11293R



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