DMK Body Sculpting crème is designed to reshape, sculpt the body and eliminate cellulite, unsightly puffy areas, firming, tightening and toning the skin naturally.

BODY SCULPTING CREAM™ – Firm, Tighten, Shape

A deep, fast-acting crème that emits pseudo heat that reduces the characteristics of cellulite. These treatments can be used in-salon as a full body wrap or on specific areas such as the buttocks, thighs, stomach, upper arms and lower legs for fluid retention.

BODY SCULPTING CREAM is essentially a skin tightener and firmer that is specifically designed to eliminate cellulite with excellent results!

How BODY SCULPTING CREAM Works to Eliminate Cellulite:

BODY SCULPTING CREAM causes a thermogenic effect creating the production of heat derived from lipids (fats). The body uses stored fats to be converted and used as energy to provide the heat.

BODY SCULPTING CREAM increases the blood circulation and flushes and strengthens the capillary network increasing essential nutrients and oxygen which helps to repair and strengthen weakened connective tissue. This along with improved lymphatic drainage reduces the fluid retention and oedema (swelling)which manifests in a hardened orange peel effect.

BODY SCULPTING CREAM is ideal for use after liposuction for detoxifying the skin and for smoothing out dimpled, rippled areas, re-strengthening the connective tissue

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