BIOGEN C creme is a tranquilizing, sedating, nourishing crème that leaves the skin firmer, smoother and more resilient. Similar to a “Beauty Flash” crème, as a “pick me up” for stressed, tired, dull skin. Excellent for skins that suffer rosacea or allergy sufferers.

BIOGEN C™ – The “Pick-Up” For Tired, Stressed Skin

BIOGEN C crème is specifically designed to revise the signs of ageing and fragile capillaries as well as reactive skin conditions. It can also be used post surgery on bruised areas.

BIOGEN C crème can be used as a day and night crème when prescribed for the treatment of rosacea or people who suffer allergies to grass dust etc.

BIOGEN C is formulated to desensitize skin when the nerve endings are sending signals of ‘stress’ to the epidermis. It temporarily calms skin suffering from harsh climate, stress or excessive heat allowing the skin to better withstand allergens and environmental irritations while offering the benefits of anti-ageing vitamin C.

Biogen C aims to stimulate, tone and tighten dull stressed skin. Improves tissue oxygenation and strengthens weakened capillaries. Helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps prevent the signs of aging with UVA & UVB sun protection.

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