ACU THERM is a petrolatum free blemish gel designed to “heat up” painful pustules, papules and pimples and hydrolyze the hardened sebum wax and bacteria trapped in pores. It is the ultimate “deep pore cleansing” tool.

ACU THERM™ – For Controlling Spots, Pimples And Blemishes 

Addresses those swollen impacted pores that feel like cysts beneath the skin. This unique salve-like gel is full of herbal oils and extracts that create pseudo heat to help “melt” away the waxy plug responsible for the backup. In doing so, fluids begin to flow naturally, avoiding the conditions conducive for acne bacteria to thrive.

ACU THERM contains heat ingredients (herbal rubeficients)such as Clove and Cassia

It also contains Capsicum Cayenne which is high in enzymes and substances which are utilized by the endocrine system, which in turn releases hormones into the blood stream. These in turn regulate functions like metabolism and mood. Cayenne has antibacterial properties, and is rich in Vitamin A which is an essential soldier in the fight against free radicals arising from stress and illness.

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