ACU KLEAR contains a special blend of  natural ingredients are combined into a simple treatment lotion that provides faster acting relief from acne and clearer-looking skin in just days.

ACU KLEAR™ – Assists In Clearing Acne Skin In Just Days

ACU KLEAR is a spot lotion that replaces 5% and 10% BP lotion. Uses salicylic acid to kill acne bacteria and dry up active acne. However, it goes much further with its sophisticated combination of herbal extracts and ingredients which are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-oxidant and free radical scavengers. 

 After cleansing with ACU-KLENZ, ACU-KLEAR is applied to active acne areas day and night.

ACU KLEAR contains a unique blend of powerful ingredients that will help to heal your skin quickly

How ACU KLEAR Works to Control Acne:

  • Aids dead cell removal.
  • Sebum-balancer for greasy skin, seborrhoeic skin and melanic spots
  • Increases purifying oxygen through capillaries, acts as a “toxic skin flush”.
  • Free radical scavengers that help build new collagen in compromised tissue
  • Controls the stress hormonal flux associated with acne conditions. Is natural rich in lycopene, a superior anti-oxidant. It also helps to calm inflammatory conditions
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals that promote healthy, acne-free skin. For example: the mineral zinc, when combined with vitamin C forms a powerful anti-acne duo

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